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We Give You A Sense Of Security


Our mission is to give our clients a sense of security with honesty and integrity.

An experienced HOME WATCH inspector is trained to recognize standards, will watch your home as contracted, will be your eyes and ears, and will be your advocate while you’re away. A professional inspection is always done on schedule and is always comprehensive.

  • Bonded and insured
  • Home Inspection background.
  • 20+ years of property management.
  • The HOME WATCH inspection checklist of services report is completed during each inspection.
  • Will immediately contact the homeowner if any abnormalities are discovered.

All professional HOME WATCH services are always security-minded and discreet.

You have my word!

Once A Week Services

  • Exterior Inspection List
  • Will ensure that all entrances are secure
  • Visual check for evidence of forced entry, vandalism, theft and damage
  • Check faucets and hoses for leaks
  • Removal or bring into home newspapers, flyers, packages, mail and other evidence of non-occupancy
  • Foward mail at owners expense
  • Visual inspection of roof & gutters from the ground
  • Visual inspection of yard/landscape/pool to assure regular maintenance
  • Start cars and golf carts
  • Check Pool
  • Check Landscaping
  • Interior Inspection List
  • Check HVAC systems for proper settings
  • Check that the hot water heater is on vacation mode or off
  • Check refrigerator and freezer for proper settings
  • Check washer hoses
  • Check security system is working properly
  • Check for water damage/intrusion of moisture, odors, mold, and mildew
  • Check for pests, insects, and rodents
  • Check that doors and windows are locked and secure
  • Run faucets, sink disposal, and flush toilets
  • Check that the main water valve is turned off or on as per the homeowner's request
  • Water plants
  • Do property inspections inside and outside to identify issues or repairs needed
  • Check breakers in the electrical panel



After three months of service & after six months of service.
* New Customers, First Year Only

Concierge Services

Need a little extra attention?

We cater to all of your needs.
Contact us for your specific needs.
Additional fees apply

Inspection Reports

Home Watch By POPZ shall transmit Inspection Reports of property to the Client after each inspection with appropriate comments.
No Additional Fee

Weather Warning

Home Watch by POPZ will send out an email alert if there is a Tropical Storm or Hurricane warning for the area.
No Additional Fee

Emergency Services

The Client will be notified if there are any visible signs of intrusion or damage and will be sent an e-mail report.

Airport Transportation

Transportation to and/or from Airports:
West Palm Beach
Fort Lauderdale

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is done for you either while you are using your home or if you would like groceries for when you arrive.

Hurricane Protection

Closing and opening of Hurricane Shutters and moving outdoor furniture and loose items inside.

Manage Deliveries

Coordinate and manage in-home deliveries. Wait for deliveries as warranted.

Organize Repair Services

Coordinate and organize and manage repair services.

Recent News

Hiring a local to keep an eye on your weekend house can give you peace of mind and keep small problems from becoming big headaches.

Leslie Young has a message for new second-home owners: That house of yours isn’t going to look after itself.

Ms. Young, a longtime resident of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, a leafy town on the state’s southern coast, is well acquainted with some part-timers who tend to be on the scene in June, July and August, when the weather is at its best. When they close up their homes on or around Labor Day at the end of their rookie season, they look ahead to next summer, naïvely unaware of the damage that could soon be wrought by strong winds (power outages!), prolonged cold (frozen pipes!) and cracks in the foundation (hi, mice!).

This is where Ms. Young comes in. She is a home watcher, though she prefers the term “home check person.” “My husband and I have renovated two houses,” she said. “I know what to look for.”

The original and full article can be found by clicking here.

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